Robin Grønvold


Robin Grønvold is a singer and songwriter out of Oslo, Norway.

Robin Grønvold went solo in January 2019. His first single «Verden» originally written in Norwegian was published on Spotify in May 2019, the second single «I Natt» was released on August 2nd 2019. English versions of both songs were also released in 2019. Another single «Fugitives on the Run» is the most streamed track so far.

Latest single was released on October 16th 2020 and is called «Come Back To Me».

Currently Robin is working on two albums. One, in his native language Norwegian, will be released this summer, another one, in English, is coming this fall.

Robin Grønvold is known as a solo performer and live looper, but he is currently assembling a band for playing on bigger stages in 2020.


Popular tracks

  1. I Natt
  2. Run
  3. Another Day Goes By
  4. Kom Tilbake
  5. Fugitives on the Run
  6. Hverandre

Latest Single

Come Back To Me

released on October 16th 2020

  1. Come Back To Me


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